Bitdefender Antivirus Keeps Your PC Safe

Bitdefender Antivirus provides a strong protection from viruses, malware, rootkit, and other kinds of threats. The program itself does not take much space because it focuses mainly on its primary job which is to keep your PC safe from viruses and questionable programs.
Download it at and see for yourself.
One of the greatest advantages of this software is when “less is more” and it’s a great thing. This antivirus is like a fresh breeze for the regular users as it’s not packed with too many extra features and tools which can seem very confusing and complicated.
It’s extremely easy to use the Bitdefender Antivirus because the user interface is compact and simple. You can set up the Virus Shield and Auto Scan; easily get to your account and open the Logs to manage your events and quarantine list.
By the way, the Auto Scan feature will definitely save you time and effort. It focuses on high-risk alerts. However, you can disable it and perform the manual scan personally.
The Virus Shield scans all your files, websites you visit, and data in real-time to keep malware and rootkit away from your PC. The feature is optional and easily controlled.
Bitdefender Antivirus has a multi-layer Ransomware Protection which notifies you about all attacks as well as keeps your money and files completely safe. The revolutionary technology of Zero System Shutdowns ensures a momentary reaction to malware and secures excellent performance without system shutdowns. A good thing to know is that the protection extends to webcams on all your devices, too. This will prevent intrusions into your privacy.
The Bitdefender Antivirus software is being improved all the time by the team of experts. So, you’ll regularly get an automatic update. It’s very helpful to keep the gadgets protected from newly appearing cyber threats and viruses. The Bitdefender labs create the best options to counteract all possible viruses and block all harmful content other antivirus software might miss. In addition, this happens so smoothly, you won’t even know because there will not be a countless number of pop-up windows asking you to press OK. It can be called maintenance free as it’s quite easy to install and then the program takes over and keeps your devices safe.
Start using it now and be amazed by the quality work it’s doing every day without bothering you at all.