Prepare Your Digital Project for Launching by Testing its Software

Every game or mobile app creator should test the product before offering it to potential users. The service called Testmatick allows making different tests which will show all the downsides. The first project is tested for free.

If you’re an owner of a mobile app, website, or game, there’re some things to be done before showing the result to users. The first thing is to test the product whether it works properly or not. Today we’ll show you a software testing company which offers a lot of ways of scanning your work.

Briefly about the service

Testmatick was created 9 years ago in Ukraine. Now it’s widely used all over the world, the company has offices in the USA too. During their reach working experiences, the companies’ specialists have tested about a thousand websites, and more than 200 mobile apps. It means that people find this service reliable and convenient.

What is offered?

The mentioned company provides clients with about 20 different testing services: technical, game, mobile, security, and etc. On the website, one can also find some testing materials, software testing tools, and a blog with useful information. A great thing is that your first project will be tested absolutely for free, you’ll also have a 20-hour testing period without paying money.

The pros of Testmatick

–    A testing process begins in an hour;

–    Your product will be tested before signing a contract and paying;

–    There are special offers and discounts for old clients and a free pilot project for new ones.

All in all, there’s a tried-and-true service which contains even more features than we’ve shown.