A Service Which Breaks the Obstacles Between You and Editable Text – A Brief Review

Do you want to correct a text or to create the one from many others? But the problem is that this text is PDF, TIF, or JPG format? Don’t worry, because there’s Onlineocr. Today we’ll tell you more about this website.

Writing scientific work or any other type of texts claim for using many books and articles. The problem is that many of them are in uneditable formats – PDF, ZIP, PNG, or JPEG. Retyping the text takes too much time, that’s why there’s a need for a program which makes it instead of you.

Introducing a new free service

Onlineocr is a website which has been working since 2009. Its main goal is to make your life easier, when you want, for example, to convert PDF to Word. That’s why it allows you to do it absolutely for free. Just select the necessary document, set the language and output format, and press on a “Convert” button.

Which formats are there?

The site contains 8 input formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, TIF, BMP, PCX, and GIF. The texts which you get at the end of the converting process can be made in the following formats: Word, Excel, RTF, Adobe PDF, and Plain Text. So you’ll probably find something suitable.

The advantages of the website

– There are 46 allowed languages;
– You can convert files without registration;
– There’s a bonus system which allows getting additional pages and discounts for sharing your experience about the service;
– The website rotate all downloaded pictures without your help;
– There’s an option to create a black and white text from a colorful picture.

If you’re still hesitating about using the mentioned service or not – find the reviews on the Internet.