How to start playing the guitar: tips and tricks

How to start playing the guitar and become a skilled player with minimum efforts? Is it possible to start playing this musical instrument in a couple of days? Find out the most popular tips to start playing the guitar with ease.

5 Tips for playing the guitar for beginners

Many people don’t start to learn how to play the guitar, because they think it’s a long and complicated process. However, this is absolutely not true. Starting to play the guitar and learning the basic techniques usually requires no longer than a couple of days. Below you will find a list of handy tips to make your learning process quick and smooth.

  • Practice regularly. The most common mistake of dozens of beginner guitar players is that they can easily miss their lessons for days or even weeks. However, your body and fingers need time to get used to the new activity.
  • Make sure to have a proper posture and hand positioning. Although you might feel some tension, avoid adjusting classical positioning to your own needs.
  • Have small breaks. Playing the guitar for hours is surely not a good idea. Arrange small breaks in every 30 minutes to keep your mind clearer.
  • Avoid losing your enthusiasm. Playing the guitar is like climbing the mountain: it is difficult at the beginning, but really amazing when you get some basic skills.
  • Use standard tuning at the beginning of your studies. To know more about different ways of tuning and secrets about playing the guitar, visit