Why problems with libido come to you?

Lack of sleep

Regular lack of sleep is a very common problem. The inability to fully rest increases the risk of developing heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke, type 2 diabetes and other ailments. In addition to constant fatigue, which does not have the best effect on libido, a lack of sleep leads to an increase in the level of cortisol and a decrease in the production of sex hormones. It has been clinically proven that in men with apnea or night snoring, that is, impairments that reduce sleep quality, erectile dysfunction is observed much more often than those of their peers who manage to get enough sleep.

Drug administration

A full sex life is available not only to perfectly healthy men and women but also to those who suffer from chronic diseases. However, people who are forced to constantly take medication should know that some of them can weaken the desire or reduce the quality of sexual intercourse. These include some drugs from neuroleptics; antidepressants; tranquillizers; hypnotics; means for weight loss; anti-tuberculosis drugs; antihypertensive drugs; beta-blockers (agents that improve the state of the heart muscle); some of the antihistamines; anticonvulsants. Most drugs have a negative effect on the sexual sphere only in the case of long-term use. In addition, the response to their administration is very individual, and for the patient, it is usually possible to choose a therapy that does not have such an effect. Some women have to try Viagra for ladies, it is one of the easiest ways to return sex into your life.

Use of hormonal contraceptives

Instructions on the use of modern oral contraceptives do not contain information on the negative effect on libido, however, in reality, such a problem sometimes exists. Many women who take hormonal contraceptives, complain of a weakening of sexual desire. This phenomenon is associated with the fact that the artificial hormones that enter the body when taking the tablets cause a change in the hormonal background. It is especially unpleasant that after libido is not restored immediately: most patients take about a month to do this, but there are cases when the absence of sexual interest was observed up to a year after women refused to take oral contraceptives. The choice of hormonal contraceptives should remain the prerogative of the doctor and be carried out taking into account all the peculiarities of the condition of the particular patient.