Generics: what is it?

Pharmacy shoppers often do not understand why similar drugs have a significant difference in price. It’s about the differences between the original and generic drugs. There is an opinion that the generic is an imitation of the original manufacturer’s drug. Surely, you had to hear about the fact that the generic, in fact, is a fake, but a forgery of quality and legal and that everything can be copied: the composition of the medicine, the design of the package, and even the name.
Is it so? If so, why did you have to come up with a new word for falsification? If not, what kind of drugs are hidden under the generics?
The original preparation is the first synthesized preparation that has passed the full cycle of all experimental and clinical studies. The method of synthesis, and often the chemical formula of its active ingredient is protected by a patent for a certain period. During this time no other manufacturers have the right to produce such a drug. The state issues a patent guaranteeing a monopoly on the manufacture, use, import, offer for sale, sale and other introduction into the economic circulation of the product containing the patented invention. Active substances for original pharmaceutical preparations are developed by research centres of large pharmaceutical companies and scientific firms specializing in the invention of medicines. Try to order cialis online australia, it won’t disappoint you. The development and research of new drugs cost millions of dollars, which are “pawned” in the final cost of the drug. In addition, using the exclusive right to a product that is guaranteed by patent law, software companies maintain fairly high prices for pharmaceuticals. That’s why the original drugs have such a high price.
It is not surprising that the cost of new original drugs is higher than the cost of so-called generics, which includes only production costs. The high price is due to the high costs of developing a drug, not production. It is for this reason that in Russia today, virtually no original preparations are created.
Generic is a generic drug, i.e., a drug for which the term of patent protection has expired, and they are manufactured by many manufacturers. To the merits of generics can be attributed low cost and a large clinical experience of use. Generics copy original products, the period of validity of patent protection has expired, and are produced in strict accordance with existing legal norms and quality standards. The production of generic drugs is much less expensive than the original drug, so the generic drug is always much cheaper. In particular, the average retail price of high-quality generics of Russian production is several tens of rubles, which is several times cheaper than the original drugs.