BPM solutions: 5 Ways to Maximize Customer Service Productivity

If marketing is responsible for acquisition and if sales are in charge of conversion, then customer service stays at the helm of every business organisation’s main task – retaining the customer. As it is widely known, it is both easier and cheaper to keep an old customer than to bring in a new prospect.

But customer service participates in marketing and sales too, as today’s customers don’t only expect post-purchase support, but also pre-purchase guidance and real-time shopping assistance. It’s two reasons more to equip your dedicated BPM solutions agents with only the best tools for customer success.

Here’s a list of solutions and practices for boosting you customer service productivity.

  1. Make Crucial Information Easy to Find

The demands of modern-day consumers may be challenging to meet, but they are luckily very well defined. Your customers want 24/7 availability, superb support quality, and real-time service, and the only way to achieve them all requires a comprehensive repository of information that’s easy to access.

Besides timely and efficient resolutions, customer service must be able to achieve one thing more – to personalize every interaction and find different ways to address unique problems of individual customers. Your agents need real-time access to product descriptions, FAQs, user manuals, and CRM.

To boost their speed, equip them with an intuitive knowledge base and a 360° view of the customer.

2. Build a Self-Service Customer Center

Or, use your internal knowledge base to build a self-service center where customers will be able to find answers and solutions all by themselves. A great number of today’s consumers wants to be self-sufficient, and external knowledge bases give them a convenient way around customer service agents.

Needless to say, this will disburden your BPM solutions team and allow them to focus on needy customers.

3. Encourage Agents to Ditch the Script

Scripts are of vital importance for customer service agents because they provide a set of standardized guidelines needed for consistent support. Nevertheless, a good BPM solutions agent must be empowered to think outside of the box and give unscripted answers to questions that require real-time ideation.

Encourage and train your agents to rely on their own skills and experience rather than on script alone.

4. Implement BPM solutions Automation

No matter the size of your customer base, there will always be days when your agents might need some help from automation. BPM solutions automation-wise, the following site will certainly widen your horizons – it will give you all solutions and tools needed for streamlining and optimizing your support.

These tools will introduce an intuitive ticket management system to your BPM solutions team, allowing you to reduce resolution time, track agents’ performance and customer satisfaction, put the phones aside, manage your overcrowded inbox, and finally remove all friction from your BPM solutions practices.

The best BPM solutions automation systems come with built-in knowledge bases, tools for easier, agile problem-solving, and reporting capabilities. The interface is user-friendly, and the system itself is available 24/7 across all devices, wherever your agents are. They are intuitive, flexible, and scalable.

Simply put, BPM solutions automation tools should be your go-to solution for customer service efficiency.5

5.  Employ the Omnichannel Approach

The ability to carry out interactions on numerous channels at once is not only necessary in terms of customer satisfaction. BPM solutions agents can benefit from omnichannel approach as well, but only as long as they are equipped with centralized hubs for managing multiple interactions at the same time.

Luckily, a great number of BPM solutions automation tools come with potent omnichannel capabilities.


With appropriate training that puts emphasis on creative solutions and out-of-the-box thinking, and convenient BPM solutions automation tools that facilitate day-to-day operations and optimize team productivity, every business organization can make its customer service a strong differentiating point.