Using push notifications to monetize your website

Find out what push notifications and the website monetization are and how to make money online using them. There are a lot of partner programs to use for push notification. Learn, which programs are better to use to get some profit.

Monetization of the website using push notifications

Push mailing is a new channel of communication of websites with users. Such a technology works in various browsers and operating systems, which allows covering more than 85% of internet users.

When using a push ads network, advertising on the websites of users who agree to receive the newsletters will be shown at a frequency of two or three times a day. At the same time, the first show will happen not earlier than 4 hours after the consent. Ads are shown in different languages. All countries are accepted, as well as desktop and mobile operating systems.

This is very convenient since most users will not even understand why they started seeing advertisements on any resources they visit. At the same time, they themselves gave consent to receive push notifications. Rarely, users thoroughly read the contents of such push notifications – every second user simply presses a button, so it would not interfere with the perception of content.

Gradually, the number of subscribers will increase and still someone will remain who will not unsubscribe. Accordingly, you get a fully effective, passive monetization of the website on push notifications with a complete lack of risk to yourself.

Security is achieved by the fact that all launches will be carried out on the side of the user, who gave the go-ahead for it. On your side, everything is clean and quiet and does not create any additional load on the website.

Payment plan

Since the number of subscribers is greater than the number those who unsubscribe, the profit will grow steadily. At least until the number of the latter will be higher than the number of the former. But at the same time, you will continue getting money until you have only one subscriber left, which is very unlikely.

Most file partner programs offer two options for setting codes for the further launching of notifications:

  • Codes on your sides
  • Codes on the system’s side

In the first case, you can only work with resources, on which the HTTPS protocol is set as it is considered more profitable.

In the second case, the files are launched from the system servers. It is only available for HTTP protocol.

Monetization of the website with push notifications starts immediately after the installation of codes.