How and when to move?

Traffic standstill forces to look for uncommon decisions. Order the moving services for night time (from ten in the evening till two in the night, for example). There are companies like Socalmoving that operate 24/7. If not then, consider other options. If to work harmoniously, neighbors can not notice your moving. Especially if boxes are already put, and furniture is sorted and wrapped up — it was necessary only to take out. Warn neighbors about the possible noise of the working elevator late evening in advance.

Surely check that the freight elevator was switched on to the new address: in new buildings, it usually works according to the schedule, but at additional expense, it is always possible to organize start-up at an inopportune time.

If you have such case — furniture is of high-quality entrust moving to specialized transportation companies. They have ready programs where for fixed cost are included the machine, loading, unloading, packaging, and protection of furniture. Professional loaders work with lifting belts that reduce risk to damage furniture. Wrap each subject in a film, protect glasses with special material. After moving completion they not only collect furniture but even carry away all packaging. The certified companies surely perform an inspection of furniture before work.

If you decide to save a budget and transport things independently, conform to several simple rules. First of all, to avoid furniture corners suffer — we protect them with foam rubber and a furniture film. Don’t save budget on a film better and wrap each piece of furniture entirely. All glasses whenever possible should be taken out and packed separately. If there is no such opportunity — close a cardboard. Glasses and mirrors can’t be transported horizontally — only on an edge. When you load the machine, lay pieces of foam rubber or polyfoam between pieces of furniture. Chandeliers and a sconce with glass or ceramic plafonds can’t be transported entirely, they should be sorted.

Also, it is worth protecting not only furniture but also walls in the repaired apartment. Prepare in advance sheets of a cardboard with which it is possible to cover bottlenecks.