Browser Mining and Profits

Almost every website administrator has heard about mysterious ways to earn more profits and one of them is browser mining. Those who have tried it say that earnings are really bigger than they were before, other people who are afraid of new technologies notice that the difference isn’t as huge as it could be. We’ll show you what profits one can get using mining via a browser on the Mineralt example.

How much does Mineralt usage cost?

To get a special javascript and integrating it into your website cost nothing, you pay only a part of your profits. The developers get 30% while your earnings are the rest 70%. Sounds quite fair, doesn’t it? More info: Easy mining in browser

How much will I get?

It’s said that your profits will grow up to 50-70%. Combine Mineralt script with ordinary ways of earning such as popups and ads and you’ll get a good result. The system is changing permanently and becoming better and better. The developers presented a new feature – Mineralt can use custom proxy-domains. It helps to prevent being blocked by Adblock and increases your incomes up to 50%.

The amount of money you’ll get depends on the number of visitors and the time they spend on your page but it’s not all. The great thing about Mineralt is that you can regulate the maximum CPU load. As you can see, the result depends mostly on you.

How to earn more?

To get even more – invite your friends using the personal link. They’ll become your referrals and will bring 5% of their earnings monthly.

Is that all?

Nowadays being informed is the most important thing. So the key is to follow all the trends in cryptocurrency world and choose payout only in the most advantageous coins. Fortunately, Mineralt offers a lot of options: BTC, Monero, Electroneum, and it’s not a full list. Moreover, would the script to all the platforms – browser extensions, online games, mobile apps and anything you can imagine.
All in all, it’s useless to ignore browser mining only because it’s something new. Study the information on the Mineralt website and make sure that risks are less than you could think. Someday the era of popups will be finished and you should be ready for it.