An opinion about Gobigwin at first sight – Estimating Reliability

Today we’ll tell you about Gobigwin, a service which helps to buy lottery tickets and win big sums of money. We’ll show an independent view to it, observing everything visitors see for the first time. All of that will be done to decide whether it’s a reliable website or not.

Website structure and appearance

On the main page, there’s fresh news about lotteries, some guides and tips which should help visitors to start winning. The sections are the following: News, Tips & Strategies, Winners, Guides, Lotteries, Results, How to play, Information and FAQ. Reading them it’s very easy to understand both the interface of the site and rules of playing different lotteries. It’s quite useful, so we approve such approach. All about US powerball lottery.

Everything for newcomers

Gobigwin provides everyone with information about them and lotteries. For example, after 2 minutes being on the website, we knew what online lotteries are, how to play them online, how to choose a suitable lottery and that tax policy about lotteries differs in all countries.

One more great thing is that there’re real winners’ names so it’s very easy to check whether it’s true by searching them in Google. The service publishes winners’ future stories, who they are now and what they do so everybody feels it isn’t hard to become one of them.

A fly in the ointment

There’re only two moments which confuse us in Gobigwin. First of all, there isn’t any contact information so you don’t really know where the creators are situated and what their names are. Then, the disclaimer below that the contents aren’t approved by different lottery organizations provokes some questions.

All in all, we would try to win something because “no risk no fun”.