Advantages of Mixing Coins with Bestmixer

New problems for cryptocurrency owners lead to creating new services and programs which try to prevent them. The lack of anonymity while transacting Bitcoins, for example, undermines users’ security. The Bestmixer developers want to return people an ability to be invisible for government and cybercriminals.

Intuitive interface

To start using Bestmixer you need to press a big red button on the main page. Then, you are to give a recipient’s address, the fund for mixing and the delay time of a transaction.  More info: bitcoin tumbler

Clear operation

The “Introduction” section explains the process very well. Every newcomer will understand that Bestmixer takes your coins, puts it in their reserve, mixes with other coins there and in the end gives the same amount of currency but consisting of random coins.

Reasonable fees

The fees depend on the following factors: the type of coins (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin), the amount of them, the current network occupation and the chosen pool. The minimum service fee for all types is 0,5% and the maximum varies. But if you mix a lot of coins, for example, 40, the minimum fee decreases to 0,35%. Speaking about the pools, there are 3 of them; Alpha, Beta and Gamma and they consist of different coins. The first one is only for clients’ currency, the second has the same coins plus the investments and the third pool is created from investments without client’s coins.

Bestmixer is a trustful service. It gives from 1 to 6 confirmations after transactions, deletes all the information in 24 hours and opened for integrating to other websites. So explore the website and make your own conclusion.