Leonardo da Vinci and his experiments. The first disappointments and signs of fame.

A famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci started his journey in the Andrea del Verrocchio’s painter’s studio. He was one of the first in Italy who changed tempera to oil paints. “Madonna with a Flower” was created in this rare for that times technique.

While working in Florence, Leonardo could not find his personal investment. He tried to work as an engineer-scientist and artist but he was not satisfied with the working atmosphere. In 1482 da Vinci took service for a Milanese duke, Ludovico il Moro. He was, first of all, a military engineer, an architect, a specialist in hydraulic engineering works and only after that he was a painter and engraver. However, the first Leonardo’s creative period from 1482 to 1499 turned out to be the most productive. He became the most famous painter in Italy, working as an architect and engraver, started to paint, make fresco painting and altarpiece.


But no all projects of large dimensions Leonardo da Vinci could put into life. “Leonardo’s Horse” – a sculpture of a horse, made to Ludovico il Moro’s father’s order, had been created for more than ten years. Though, it was not made bronze. A clay model of it was destroyed by French troops which occupied Milan. It was the only Leonardo’s sculpture which got the contemporaries’ appreciation.

Leonardo da Vinci’s altarpiece showed very few people, their figures fitted with the environment. For example, “The Virgin of the Rocks” (1483-1494). To the present day, only some of the pictures reached the viewers. They all are from “Milan period”. Fortunately, there is an art site for artists where everybody can find the most famous works of the favorite artists.